Peppy Pete's Gourmet Salsa will Open For Business March 26, 2014! March 20 2014

 Hola! Peppy Pete's Gourmet Salsa will officially open for business March 26, 2014. We are located in central Minnesota. It's not exactly the salsa capital of the world, but we have these great tasting salsa recipes, and finally decided to share them with you!

It all started with a salsa recipe my Mom had been canning for years. We changed it up a bit and came up with what we thought was a perfect tasting salsa recipe - it is what we call our Original Recipe - a Medium heat. The response from friends and neighbors was huge! Many encouraging us to sell our Salsa. From there we developed a Mild and Hot Habanero recipe with the same amazing taste of Peppy Pete's Gourmet Salsa. Those were a hit too! 

Currently in the testing phase is our Ghost Pepper recipe for those that love intense heat! We will be offering Ghost Pepper sometime in April 2014. Down the road we will be adding fruit salsa to our line up as well.

All of our recipes require fresh ingredients, no processed vegetables or fruits allowed. When dealing with fresh vegetables and fruits it takes a little more time and expense to create the product, but it truly is the only way to get a great tasting finished product.

Our salsa is not a watered down or boiled to within an inch of its life type salsa. It is thick, rich, fresh, unique and full of flavor, the way salsa is supposed to be. We might be slightly biased, but at Peppy Pete's Gourmet Salsa, we feel we have created "Salsa Perfection". Give it a try, we know you'll like it!   LJ  :)

Experience "Salsa Perfection"