How to Start Your Own Salsa Business - Chapter 1

Salsa recently became the number one selling condiment in the U.S.. Maybe it's time to open your own store and start selling that great salsa recipe you have. We are going to guide you through the process start to finish. Every couple of days we will add a new chapter on how you can run a successful salsa business.

The very first thing you need to do is determine the PH of your salsa recipe. This is extremely important, if the PH of your salsa is above 4.6%, you will need to reformulate your recipe to bring the PH below 4.6% and preferably below 4.1%. The PH measurement scale is such that the lower the number, the higher the acidity. Also, a PH of 4.0% is 10 times more acidic than a PH of 5.0%.

The reason the PH level of your salsa needs to be below 4.6% is that the vegetative micro organisms in your salsa cannot transform into the deadly chlostridium botulinum (cbot) toxin. Cbot can be found on many of the foods we eat and is not harmful to humans as long as it is in the form of a spore. I know you weren't looking for a microbiology course, but it is important to understand whether or not you are going to infect anyone with a deadly toxin.

Since we cannot kill the Cbot spore through boiling, the next best thing is to prevent it from becoming a vegetative cell which can then become the deadly toxin. Thus the PH level, Cbot cannot transform to a vegetative cell when it is in a PH environment of 4.6%  or less.

So, get yourself a PH meter and test your salsa. You can purchase a PH meter online through Amazon for about $15. Make sure you also purchase the PH buffering solution so you can calibrate your new PH meter.

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