How to Start Your Own Salsa Business - Chapter 2

OK, so we now know that awesome salsa recipe you have checks in under 4.6 on the PH meter, and preferably 4.0 or lower. Now what, well you need to check your state laws regarding where you can make your salsa. Here in Minnesota, if you are going to sell your salsa to a grocery store, or sell it on, or through your ecommerce site, your salsa needs to be produced in a commercial kitchen. One way to accomplish this is to talk to a local restaurant and ask if you can rent their kitchen during off peak hours. This allows you to start your salsa business without purchasing your own building and equipment. If you are lucky, your state may not require this.

Once you have a commercial facility lined up to make your salsa, you'll need to go to school. You will need to successfully complete the required courses and obtain a certificate of completion. It is is not as difficult as it sounds. You can take the required classes online, the Better Process Control School in California is a great place for this. If you are a go-getter, you can cruise through these classes in a week, take your test, and get your diploma.

I highly recommend these classes for anyone making salsa even if its just for home canning purposes. You will learn how to ensure your salsa is commercially sterile, and also that it is hermetically sealed in a container. This will allow you to sleep at night when you have hundreds or thousands of your awesome salsa products in grocery stores across the country.

These classes will not only assist you in manufacturing a safe product, they will help you with the rules and regulations of owning your own salsa business. You will learn about glass containers, different types of lids, necessary record keeping, etc. You will also learn about the different manufacturing processes you will need down the road to take your product nationwide.

The following link is to FDA website and specifically to 21 CFR 114, this is the area of the FDA that deals with acidified foods. If you haven't read this yet, now would be a good time.

So now we have a salsa  recipe with a PH around 4.0, we have a facility where we can manufacture our salsa, and we have completed the required courses for ensuring your salsa is commercially sterile and that it is hermetically sealed.

In Chapter 3, we will discuss the next steps in taking that awesome salsa recipe to the public, stay tuned.

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