How to Start Your Own Salsa Business - Chapter 6

OK, we are now well on our way to having a legitimate salsa business. In this chapter we are going to discuss "commercial sterility". This is the level of sterility required by the FDA, and it has to be proven to them that your product meets this requirement.

Commercial sterility does not mean completely sterile, it means the product is safe for human consumption. We know that the CBot spore cannot be destroyed through our heat process, as the heat we use is not sufficient to destroy these cells. The CBot spores are controlled through the PH of our product.

You will need to ensure the process you use for manufacturing your salsa will give you a commercially sterile product. You can contact a "processing authority", someone who has expert knowledge of the processing of acidified foods. He or she can direct you in developing a process that ensures you are producing a safe product. This information is also available online through various publications on acidified foods. The following link to the University of Wisconsin has some good information regarding the processing of acidified foods.

Producing a commercially sterile product will be necessary for several reasons, including sleeping well after shipping an order of your salsa to a grocer 500 miles away.

If you have questions regarding commercial sterility, you may email us at and we will answer them as quickly as possible.

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